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“Spirituality, Morals, and Virtues” is a five-day program that seeks to help attendees appreciate their relationships with the environment, others in society, and their families, as well as to help them to examine how their actions can impact themselves, their families, and Earth.

The topics are designed to take attendees on a guided tour to:

1. Understand the challenges in society today and the choices of a healthy lifestyle

2. Understand current social issues and learn of timeless values adopted by happy     families in the past

3. Understand how one’s actions determine one’s life and learn basic concepts of     rebirth

4. Understand how greed and addictions harm one’s life and learn the proper way to      obtain wealth

5. Learn how to lead happy and fulfilling lives from the examples of those who     overcame their difficulties

We hope that the program will inspire those attending to work on their own spirituality and in time bring about positive changes in their lives and family relationships as well as in society, thus contributing to a peaceful and harmonious world.

Dates of program in 2016:

17 January to 22 January

25 March to 30 March

17 April to 22 April

19 July to 24 July

21 August to 26 August

20 September to 25 September

18 December to 23 December

Dates of program in 2017:

17 February to 22 February

12 April to 17 April

25 June to 30 June

18 August to 23 August

23 October to 28 October

27 December to 2 January 2018

To enrol, please complete and return the application form.

Spirituality, Morals, and Virtues